Our Partners

"We support development projects and various crisis in Africa that are community-initiated by providing financial and strategic resources".

Ayah Foundation

This foundation mission is to inspire, empower, protect, defend and groom vulnerable persons of all works of life alongside minorities and the underprivileged, within the law, motivated by the truism that we, ‘the luckier’, did nothing too special which the have-nots didn’t do, to be who/what we currently are. It is therefore humanity’s responsibility to usher the less privileged “Across the gap” of need, in gratitude to the heavens for sparing us from such ordeals in love and respect for humanity.

In 2019, TCA supported the Ayah Foundation in their mission to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced people of Southern Cameroon. Our Community raised 5k and that money went directly to help alleviate suffering of our people in need.


TCA also supported the ASCOVIME in 2019 in their mission of providing free medical care to rural and needy populations in Cameroon through mobile clinic campaigns.