Membership & Eligibility

Full Membership

  • Applicant must be a Cameroonian, Children born to at least one Cameroonian parent, or be married to a Cameroonian.
  • All adults between the age of 21 and 65 must register individually to become a member.
  • Membership year is based on the calendar year (January 1st through December 31st)
  • Membership dues is $50 per individual
  • Membership includes participation to all TCA activities, support during a bereavement event or any other life changing moment, and group life insurance participation.
  • All members are required to host the monthly meeting at least once in a year. Hosting groups are preselected and include 6 to 8 registered members.

Associate Membership

  • An associate member shall be any Cameroonian residing out of North Carolina or any person from any background/culture residing in North Carolina willing to share in the mission of TCA.
  • Membership dues is $50 per individual
  • An Associate member is exempt from hosting meetings.
  • An Associate member only carries the benefit of the life insurance subscription.

Responsibilities as a Member

  1. You must keep your membership in “good standing” at all times.
  2. You must also be respectful and professional when dealing with others on behalf of the association.
  3. You must not behave in any ways that is detrimental to the goodness of the association.
  4. You must be active participant in the association’s dealings.
  5. You must subscribed to the “each one teach one” and the “I am my brothers & sisters keeper” concept.
  6. You must be willing to “step up to the plate” when required