Life Insurance


LECDA-LIFE is an affordable life insurance program developed and run by Lebialem Cultural and Development Association (LECDA-USA Inc.) aimed at addressing the shortcomings of current group life insurance programs and intended to provide funeral assistance to its registered members in good standing.


Members must be a United States resident by basic definition. Even though no social security card or green card is necessary at enrollment, proof of current residency in USA is expected when filing for benefit for deaths outside the United States.

For the purpose of LECDA-Life, residency means a person’s place of domicile. This means that you must not only be resident of any locality in the US, but you must be living there with the intent of making it your fixed and permanent home. For deaths that occur outside of USA, things such as utility bills and official documents may help prove USA residency requirement at the time of death of the decease member.


Membership will be open to both Lebialem groups and Non-Lebialem groups through approved participating cultural, social, alumni, or religious groups.

A $20 one-time matriculation fee due at member’s enrollment.

An annual processing fee of $1 monthly is due by January 31st or right after a member becomes matriculated.

If a member withdraws from the group and decides to rejoin, he/she will pay a $300 reactivation fee, and will be required to pay back, retroactive contributions on all deaths during the period when his/her membership had lapsed.

There is no age limit to membership. However, the following parameters will apply from application to matriculation: Waiting period for members 50 years and under is 3 months. Waiting period for members 51 years and above is 5 months.

Member’s Benefit

A Member’s benefit is $15,000 standard compensation or an applicable % of $15,000 paid in event of a member’s death.

When a member dies, the member’s anticipated benefit is divided equally over the total number of existing members to determine the contribution of each member towards the payment of the compensation to the next of kin of the deceased member.

Decision of final resting place is not required at registration but needed from the family of the deceased member, through its group coordinator, at the death of a member for appropriate benefits.

Group contribution for every death incidence will be the total amount for compensation divided by the total number of members, multiplied by the number of members of the particular group.

Categories of Benefit

Member who resides in the USA and dies in the USA /Mexico / Canada and has to be buried in the Cameroons or any African country will get a 100% of $15,000 ($15,000).

A member who resides in the USA but dies outside of USA (Europe/Asia/Australia/Middle East, South America) and needs to be transported back to USA or back to the Cameroons or Africa will get a 100% of $15,000 ($15,000).

A member who resides in the USA, dies in USA or any of its neighboring countries (Mexico, Canada) and has to be buried in the USA (or Mexico, Canada) will get 50% of $15,000 ($7,500).

A member who resides in USA and dies in the Cameroons or any of its neighboring countries (Nigeria, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, or the Congo) and has to be buried in the Cameroons or the neighboring country will get a 25 % of $15,000 ($3,750).

Growth Plan

With 2000 or more members, LECDALIFE envisions transitioning from three categories of benefits to two categories as follows:

1) Continental package: for those who die and will be buried within the same continent – $10,000

2) Intercontinental package: for those who die in America or Europe and will be buried in Africa or a different continent – $16,000

Questions and Answers

While all other supplemental group life insurance caters to people who wished to be buried in Cameroon, LECDA-Life covers everyone, including people who have decided to be buried in the US or other parts of the world.
Lack of proper documents to prove residency or death of a member. Final decision by next of kin of where the member will be buried can delay the processing member’s family claim of benefit. LECDA-LIFE will work with the bereaved family and the group to ensure that every active member receives the right benefit at death.
For now, benefit is non-negotiable. A member will be paid the benefit specified at death on the basis where the member dies and had chosen to be buried. However, when LECDALIFE gets to 10,000 members, there will be flat benefit for all its members.
Enrollment is through affiliated groups and the decision of who can enroll or not should be based on the internal regulations of the group. It is recommended for groups to encourage families to enroll all its members, even if only one member belongs to the group.
Payment of death benefit is made to the next-of-kin or designee and the intent is to help cover the funeral cost. However, LECDA-LIFE does not insist on how the money will be used by the beneficiary.
Individuals can enroll only through an affiliated group. If you live in a state/city/town without a group, consider recruiting 20 members for the sole purpose of enrolling in LECDA-LIFE. The administrators and administrative assistant will be happy to help you form your group and enrolling your group members in LECDA-LIFE.
Names as in official documents, date of birth, and USA address. What documents are needed in order to claim benefits from.
Death Certificate, next-of-kin, proof of USA residency for death outside USA only, a photo of the decease member, and evidence of family decision where the member will be buried.
Enrollment window will be the 20th to the 28th of every month.